Nutricia – Cubitan

Below are resources from Nutricia – Cubitan to assist you with your Wound Care education.

CUBITAN: The ONLY ONS* That Meets National& International2,3 Wound Management Guidelines


39% Improvement in Pressure Ulcer Healing4 

15% Less Dressings per patient over 8 Weeks5

48 hours Of Nursing Time Saved**6

Nutricia have developed a suite of Cubitan resources to support you and your patients during their wound care journey.  Below you can access the Cubitan Usage Gide, Cubitan Evidence Booklet as well as the Cubitan Recipe Sheet and Patient Information Leaflet.


Click here to order a sample for your patient and have it delivered directly to you or your patients’ door.


1.HSE National Wound Management Guidelines 2018 . 2. INDI 2022. 3. EPUAP Guidelines 2019.

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