It is really important for nurses to attend to their own emotional needs so that they are in a better position to cope with the challenges they face on a daily basis; to support their own wellbeing and also offer that support to patients. NHS England recently launched a mental health app amid reports that more than 40,000 nurses have left the NHS in the past year largely due to stress. IGPNEA are acutely aware of the stresses that their GPN members are under due to ever increasing workloads and the manpower crisis in general practice. The Association is about supporting its members and, in doing so, enhancing and developing patient care. With this in mind and following discussion with its members, IGPNEA is pleased to announce a collaboration with the holistic wellness platform, wrkit.

Mental Health:

Developed by experts, POWR offers practical, actionable advice to help you feel better. No one size fits all so there are a range of tools on offer with POWR.

Physical Wellbeing:

In this fast-paced world it becomes increasingly difficult to meet movement goals which reduce our risk of ill-health. MOVE brings together top Irish coaches to offer a large range of on demand classes.

Continuous Development:

The LEARNING platform brings together the best of online learning. Choose from top university courses to pursue professional development and career advancement or personal interest courses on hobbies you enjoy, with access to TED Talks, podcasts, books and more.

Financial Wellbeing:

The LIFESTYLE SAVINGS platform gives you access to discounts, savings and preferential rates across a huge range of brands and services, including essentials like groceries and fuel to help stretch your salary further. Particularly relevant with the ever-increasing cost of living.

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