IGPNEA National Executive Committee

NEC Committee

Who are the NEC Committee Members?

The National Executive Committee is made up of National Executive Committee Officers and National Committee Members (Branch Reps).

The Role of the NEC Committee:

Any issues that affect the day to day running of the Association shall be managed by the National Executive Committee Officers. Any issues outside of the day to day running of the Association must be managed by the full National Executive Committee.

The National Executive Committee meet four times a year to discuss important issues and make decisions for the Association. If a matter arises that can not wait until the next NEC Committee meeting, an emergency NEC meeting can be called.


NEC Officers

Who are the NEC Officers?

The National Executive Officers comprises of: National Chairperson, National Vice- Chair, National Honorary Treasurer, National Public Relations Officer (PRO)

The Role of the NEC Officers:

Any issues that affect the day to day running of the Associations shall be managed by the National Executive Committee Officers.

Any matters outside of this must be presented by the NEC Officers to the full NEC Committee at a meeting.

The NEC Officers work closely with the IGPNEA Administrator and IGPNEA Membership Officer and delegate work as needed.

NEC Officers Role Descriptions: 

National Chairperson

National Vice Chair

National Honorary Treasurer

National PRO



Branch Committees

Who are the Branch Committees?

Each of the 18 local branches of IGPNEA have their own Branch Committee. This generally comprises of a Branch Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and NEC Rep. Although some branches share roles. The Minimum requirement is 2 branch officers.

The Role of the Branch Committees:

The Branch will nominate and vote in their own committee at the branches AGM. The committee members share the responsibility of organising local branch meetings and discriminating information locally to its members. This can be information from the National Executive Committee or local outside services.

Each branch controls its our funds through the IGPNEA Centralised Bank Account.

The role of the Branch NEC Rep is to attend NEC meetings, be involved in decision making at the NEC meetings, feedback information from the NEC meetings to the branch and feedback branches ideas and opinions at the NEC meetings.

Branch Officers Role Descriptions: 

Branch Chairperson

Branch Vice Chair

Branch Secretary

Branch Treasurer

Branch NEC Rep